Hello and welcome to the updated (2021) version of my website


This site is gay owned and run. If any part of the gay lifestyle offends you please leave now. This site consists of photographs and videos of men in workwear, coveralls, overalls, boilersuits, waterproofs, wet suits, dry suit, industrial protective clothing, uniforms, bondage, rubber, leather, bdsm, adult baby and assorted fetishes.

Many are of my own taking and therefor copyright belongs to me and these should not be shared anywhere online. You may download for your own enjoyment.

Many are from the web and internet sources.

Should a person’s image appear here there can be conclusion drawn to that persons likes, sexuality of fetish choices.

Should you find an image of yourself here and you are unhappy – please contact me to have it removed.

Best viewed at 1024 x 768 while naked in a boilersuit and rigger boots! Enjoy!