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Hello and Thank You for stopping by. My name is Sean. I was born in 1972 in Orkney.

I grew up surrounded by farmers in boilersuits and rubber boots and fishermen in their oilskins and waders. I have often wondered if that is where my fetish originated? My main love is anything one-piece and especially if it has elasticated back to show off the arse! I love boilersuits but waterproof one-piece suits, dry suits (especially shoulder entry), flight suits etc. get me going too! I do like to see a good-looking guy in a Tyvek disposable coverall too!

My other loves are cooking, baking, gardening, photography and film making – so I love to photograph good-looking youngish models in gear – hence the site! I started this site in around 2000 to share my pictures with the world and to share my love of workgear. I hoped to charge enough to cover the hosting costs but these days no one pays a subscription anymore .

I am very lucky to have met and fallen in love with another likeminded guy and I have moved to Ireland to live with him. Between us our collection of pieces of gear must number 1000 outfits but we need to reduce that to fit in the house!

Please do come in and see the gallery – after all it is around 20 years’ worth of work. Enjoy!!